#238 28 décembre 2010

Sleeping People, Blue Fly Green Fly, extrait de ""Sleeping people" ", (Temporary Residence 2005) le site de Temporary Residence

Archie Shepp / Dollar Brand, Moniebah, extrait de "Duets ", Denon records - 1982

Air (Henry Threadgill/Fred Hopkins/Steve McCall), Weeping Willow Rag, extrait de "Air Lore ", (Arista 1979)

Paul Hindemith, 3° mouvement de Kammermuzik N°1 op.24, extrait de "Hindemith Kammermuzik dir. Ricardo Chailly ", (DECCA 2003)

Archie Shepp / Mal Waldron, Everything Happens To Me, extrait de "Left Alone Revisited ", Enja - 2006

Henry Threadgill, The Mockingbird Sin, extrait de "Makin' A Move ", (Columbia 1995)