# 11411 decembre 2007



GIL EVANS, Voodoo child, extrait de "The Gil Evans orchestra plays the music of Jimmi Hendrix", RCA 1974

ERIC DOLPHY, Eclispe, extrait de "Out There", Prestige/New Jazz 1960 (Ron Carter : violoncelle, Eric Dolphy : clarinette)

SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM, Formicary, extrait de l'album "In Glorius Time", The End records, 2007

PACHORA, Drifting, extrait de "Astereotypical", Winter & Winter 2003

BOBBY LAPOINTE , La Banane Anana, extrait de "l'Intégrale",Polygram

FURIOUS PIG, King Mother, extrait de "I Don't Like Your Face", Rough Trade Records 1980
(Stephen Kent - Vocal, Guitar, Percussion, French Horn;Cass Davies - Vocals, Percussion, Pause Button FX;Martin Kent - Vocal, Drums and Percussion;Dominic Weeks - Vocal, Electric Piano, Bass, Bass-Clarinet)

HELLA, Madonna approaches R&B blonde wreckage, extrait de “Concentration face” CD/DVD, 5 rue christine rec. / Kill rock stars
(Spencer Seim : guit ; Zach Hill : drums)

DEXTER GORDON, Little Red Fantasy, extrait de "Homecoming", live au Village Vanguard (1976), réédition Tristar - 2001